The desire to talk about people, places, flavors and adventures pushes us to the farthest locations on Earth.

We have spent many hours thinking over strategies and communication with companies. We have advised large and small firms and implemented ideas. We have visited counties and regions with tourism boards and know how to put good concepts into practice in the blogosphere. We have exchanged good examples with hundreds of travel bloggers in Poland and around the world. Individually, we have reached thousands of readers. Usually we took the initiative on our own. Now we do it even better. Together.


Bloceania Archipelago

Bloceania is a creative land of digital influencers for who the most important in life is:


Inspiration / People


Adventures / Away from city

We like different things in life, but discovering world connects our passions.

Michał Maj

Will create a multimedia presentation, design a logo and a website. He will organize an event. The author of the motivational blog Życie jest piękne.

Ula Fiedorowicz

Will take the most delectable pictures and write stories with taste. She will take care of social media and record a video. The author of the appetizing blog The Adamant Wanderer.

Marcin Nowak

Will come up with a great idea. He will create a movie and interactive material. He will plan, draw, and explain. The co-author of the ingenious blog Wędrowne Motyle.

Anna Alboth

Will do the research, pick the right words, write an article and reach media. She will motivate others to do their work. The co- author of the family blog Rodzina bez granic.

Andrzej Budnik

will coordinate a photo shoot and fly a drone. He will lead a presentation and will look at a whole project with his critical eye. The author of the cool blog Los Wiaheros.


We co-operated with big brands and companies. We reach over 300k UU every month.